New Albany Lacrosse Association
New Albany Lacrosse Association (NALA) is a non-profit club promoting lacrosse in New Albany and the surrounding areas. NALA offers teams for boys and girls in grades 1–6. Leagues include:

  • NALA Grades 1-2 Boys & Girls Teams
  • NALA Grades 3-4 Boys & Girls Teams
  • NALA Grades 5-6 Boys & Girls Teams

NALA’s objective is to give the players the opportunity to develop their lacrosse potential. Players are taught to honor the game, their school, our community, and themselves with actions on and off the field.

Parent participation is essential. Parents are needed to help coach, be team liaisons and be board members. Previous coaching experience in any sport is helpful, but not necessary. Training is provided. Please sign up for these roles as you register your child.

The New Albany Lacrosse Association will not turn any player away for financial reasons. If you need assistance with player fees and/or equipment, please contact Scott Passias and arrangements will be made for your child to participate.

Registration for all programs will run from December 1 through February 15.
*A $50 non-resident fee will apply to all players outside of the New Albany-Plain Local School District.

NALA Grades 1&2 Lacrosse
This will be our fourth season for our grades 1&2 programs. This will be a non-contact, local program with one practice and one game per week. This will teach the players the basics of the sport including honoring the game, groundballs, passing, catching and shooting.


  • 1/2 boys need: cleats, gloves, arm pads, mouth guard and cup. We have some sticks (not very good though). Shoulder pads are optional. NALA provides helmets. 
  • 1/2 girls need: cleats, mouth guards, goggles. We have goggles for those that need them. Same as above for sticks. Lax gloves are suggested for warmth in early season.


  • Girls 1/2: Sun 2:30p - 4:30p & Tue 5:45p - 7p
  • Boys 1/2: Sun 2:30p - 4p & Tue 6p - 7:30p

NALA Grades 3-6 Lacrosse
Teams will have two practices per week with games on weekends. Later in the season, games may occur during the week. Expect generally three “touches” per week. At each grade level (ex: grades 3&4) players will be divided into multiple even weighted teams. These team will play teams from other communities. 


  • 3/4 - 5/6 boys need to provide everything: cleats, helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, mouth guards, cup and stick.
  • 3/4 -5/6 girls need to provide everything: cleats, goggles, mouth guard, stick. Lax gloves are suggested for warmth in the early season. 


  • Girls 3/4: Tue 6p - 7:30p & Thur 5p - 6:30p (Games Sun Afternoons - after 2p)
  • Boys 3/4: Tue 6p - 7:30p & Thur 6p - 7:30p (Games Sun - 1p & 2:30p)
  • Girls 5/6: Tue 6p - 7:30 & Thur 6p - 7:30 (Games Sunday Afternoons)
  • Boys 5/6: Tue 6p - 7:30p & Thur 6p - 7:30p (Games Sun - 4p & 5:30p)

New Albany Lacrosse Association Website Link
As NALA is growing, so have our needs. You will no longer register your child via the Parks website. You will now register your child and obtain all lacrosse related information through the new NALA website. You will need to create an account prior to registering. Please note you will be required to complete the US Lacrosse Registration during the NALA Registration process. This is a NALA requirement, it not only provides access to great information and training by US Lacrosse but it covers the league and each child from an insurance standpoint so that they can participate at the parks and in tournaments.  All US Lacrosse registrations will need to be valid through June 1st of 2013.

Website Features

  1. Details on each of the programs
  2. Registration/payment
  3. Schedules
  4. Information on the sport
  5. Etc…

NALA Website Link:

2014 Board and Officers
President: Scott Passias 
Vice President: Adam Stewart 
Treasurer: Michelle Murphy 
Sponsorship: Mike Platte 
Secretary: Kate Hamilton 
Special Events: Adam Hill  
Special Events: Scott Miller 
Communications: John Gustafson  
Registrar: Open 
Equipment: Randy Roberts 
At Large:  Pat Huddle
Tim Sokol
Stephen Brooks

Contact Info
Dave Wharton, Director
Brian Smith, Recreation Supervisor
614/939-PARK (7275)
Lightning Prediction System Information

High School Lacrosse Info
Dave Fergusen, Women’s Lacrosse Coach
Women’s High School Lacrosse Web Page:
Chris Brown, Men’s Lacrosse Coach
Men’s HS LAX Web Page –



New Albany lacrosse

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