Park and Facility rules


Please help keep our parks safe!

  1. All New Albany Parks & Recreation facilities and parks close at sunset, except with approved organized activities.
  2. Alcohol, use of firearms, fireworks, BB guns, archery equipment, sling shots, and paint guns are prohibited.
  3. All pets are prohibited.
  4. No kite flying or other aerial activities near overhead power lines.
  5. Motorized vehicles must remain on designated roads or parking lots.
  6. No ATVs or motor bikes allowed on park grounds.
  7. Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, and bicycles are prohibited on the concrete paths and surfaces around the concession/restroom buildings.
  8. No parking along roadways, only in designated parking spaces.
  9. No selling or solicitation of goods or services without written approval from the Director.
  10. Do not display, place or distribute flyers, circulars, advertisements, etc. OR display banners, emblems, or signs without specific permission from the Director.
  11. SPEED LIMIT: The park speed limit is 10 miles per hour.
  12. All use of Tobacco products is prohibited.

Sports photos provided courtesy of
Impact Action Sports Photography

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